Bearded Fishermen

Bearded Fishermen has been set up by Rick Roberts and Mick Leyland to help with mental health awareness and suicide prevention. We are based in Gainsborough but at present cover Lincolnshire. We will be holding peer to peer, meet and greets, clubs and awareness days.

" In England, one person dies every two hours as a result of suicide. When someone takes their own life, the effect on their family and friends is devastating. Many others involved in providing support and care will feel the impact.”

We have had a trial group for the last couple of weeks and hope with enough followers and fundraising we can also start a ladies group. We also want to look to Lincoln and hopefully fund a men’s group there too by March. Volunteers, fundraising people and volunteer councillors will be needed to get this project off the ground. With the public's help we believe that we can do more to prevent it reaching the point someone feels they are not worth living. 1 man every 2 hours is 1 man too much. Please help.

We hold mental health and suicide support meetings at The Connexions Hub 6-8 Church Street in the centre of Gainsborough on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm. Contact details below.

“It was asked today if all we do is take people fishing. Well the answer to that is NO. Fishing is a big part of myself and Mick’s life we try to go every Thursday just to clear our thoughts and have a little peace and long chats about our feelings. It's our way of keeping our depression and illnesses from taking over our lives like it once did. Our aim is to bring that feeling of hate, fear, unhappiness and the thought you are useless to yourself and everyone else to a close or as much as we can. We want to bring self-worth back, it's not a cure it's a friend, it’s somebody who is there 24/7 either in person, on a phone or on chat. Its knowing when you feel you have no one you always have someone. So no, it's not just fishing. It's a friend, a group, a life, "A CHANGE"- Rick Roberts Support Councillor Bearded Fisherman