Be The Difference

Be The Difference, was set up in June 2019 by Belinda Darley and is for the people of Gainsborough suffering with their mental health. Unfortunately the NHS is so stretched and referrals for mental health services can often take at least 3 months. This can often prove far too long for those in need. This is where ‘Be The Difference’ can help. By contacting the Facebook page, we can arrange contact from a counsellor specific to your needs within 48 hours, who will then arrange private counselling sessions for yourself, all of which are fully funded by our own fundraising events, if you are unable to afford these yourself.

In the last few months we have referred through 33 people to various counsellors and are literally saving lives. If you feel you need help don’t suffer in silence please get in touch, or alternatively if you can contribute in any way we would be extremely grateful. Please find us on Facebook: Be The Difference, Gainsborough.